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SEMrush, a platform to growth all businesses

The answer for this question is not easy! Growing a company or any business never has been simple!  In this article we are going to introduce one of the best marketing platforms to increase the popularity of your business and help you to be better than ever! it does not matter your business is a start-up or a great company or even a local small business!! Whatever your business is, Semrush company can help you! I don’t advertise this platform but I’m an entrepreneur and I can understand what business owners want and what the challenges a business encounter with! Then if you ask me I’ll tell you this platform and their services are trustable! And you should definitely try this platform (visit their website and you figure out what I’m saying! This is the website address of Semrush: https://www.semrush.com/).

I want to discuss the Semrush review and uncover all of the features and advantages belong to Semrush platform (with Semrush you can do SEO, content marketing, pay per click, social media marketing and so on). Actually Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing tool or according to their definition “Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights”. Semrush is like a magic tool which everybody can make their business better and more useful! As Semrush says In their platform you almost have everything to dominate your niche online, big and creative companies like Nike, Tesla, Quora, Forbes, Walmart, IBM and Amazon have trusted to this platform and that’s a pride for Semrush! Because this companies just accept professional works! It’s not strange which they have got 14 international awards!! And while I’m writing this article, I’m still passionate to know more about their services and be aware how I can improve my start-up by Semrush platform! Be along with me in continue of this article to know how this happen!

Today an online digital marketing suite is a vital tool for any business!

SEMrush features

Now, let’s talk about Semrush features, as we have told before Semrush has a variety of digital marketing tools to advertise your business and help to improve it! These tools help you communicate better with your customers!! and only a real entrepreneur knows how important communication with customers is!! These tools include: SEO tool kit, content marketing, market research, advertising, pay per click and social media marketing (we just mention major features of Semrush!!).

The first section of Semrush review is Semrush seo

SEO is an abbreviationof Search Engine Optimization that means the practice of increasing traffic of a website through organic search engine results, in simpler terms, SEO is the amount of popularity of a website in terms of search engines like google and bing! Today Seo is one of the top ways to marketing a business!! Because the people find everything with the help of google!

It’s interesting to know Semrush seo has a global reputation (search “The best SEO tool kit” in google and you can see Semrush in the top results!)

This is our search result for ” The best SEO tool kit ” in google

The one of the most important features of Semrush is their Seo tool kit with dozens of features!! (we just introduce some of them in this article!). With the help of Semrush we can increase the traffic of our website to the highest ever!  Let’s look at the other features belonging to the Semrush platform in the Seo field!

  • keyword magic tool; access to a database with 20 billion keywords through a beautiful interface!
  • Semrush offer On-page SEO services! wonderful for content marketers! audit the pages of your website and provide ideas to improve their health and SEO performance!
  • Semrush has great seo tools even for locals! they help you optimize your site for local searches and get more local customers!
  • Assess the performance of your competitors on desktop and mobile
  • Can you believe this in Semrush we can uncover millions of national and local keywords!?
  • Offer keyword competitor research (if you want to outperform your competitors you must know everything about the mutual market!)
  • Also Semrush helps us in keywords research; we are able to discover all the best keywords to target and bring traffic to your site!
  • With Semrush we are able to find valuable keywords
  • And etc. (please try the other SEO features of Semrush! It is 7 days for free)

SEMrush is a great platform with high quality SEO features

The second section of Semrush review is content marketing

Content marketers know a fact well, “good content for a business is vital!” if you accept this fact then look no further, Semrush provides the best features in this field too! As a content marketer (and owner of a digital marketing startup) I advise you to be always careful about the content on your website, social media accounts, blog, advertisement and etc. even pay attention to the content on your logo! Because people decide whether to be your customer or not! According to your content! Never underestimate the content because it can be a magical tool if you learn to use! (I have learned this tip over several years in marketing world!). I can’t introduction all features of content marketing Semrush because Semrush is wonderful! And the number of features is very high! I just introduce the most important content marketing features (it can be very useful for content marketers!). content marketing of Semrush include:

  • Semrush helps you to increase site traffic by giving you the best ideas for content! and find popular topics, headlines and questions asked online.
  • Semrush can be like a SEO writing assistant; it checks your SEO score and originality, improves your readability and adjusts the tone of voice to write an exceptional piece of content!imagine that Semrush even helps you to find the most relevant platforms for content distribution, spot industry influencers, and evaluate potential reach.
  • Semrush analyzes your content assets and then it tells you which one is in the top and which ones should have an update!
  • Semrush platform checks what your audiences need?! and then helps you to create and execute a powerful data-informed content strategy!
  • having creativity and the most quality content with help of Semrush

Today every company is trying to hire a content marketer!

The third section of Semrush review is market research

A smart entrepreneur always thinks about their competitors! you must know what your competitors do! What are their advantages?! and why should people prefer you to them?! if you are worse than your competitor the people choose them! it is a simple rule!! the people have worked hard to earn money and don’t pay for a Worthless product or service! then you should be very smart in this field, I mean you must know important data about your competitors and of course you should know your target market exactly! You must be aware of your audiences! Otherwise you have to accept failure! Fortunately Semrush has provided every feature to help you in the market research field! Like competitor analysis tools, market analysis tools, paid advertising features and etc. now I mention some of their features belong to competitor analysis section include:

  • Semrush benchmark your website traffic metrics against competitors carefully! to confirm your marketing success and rebuild after a temporary decline!
  • Semrush provides a professional keyword competitor analysis! for your businessSemrush highlights the advantages and features of your business over the competition in paid search!
  • Do you want to have more attractive content than your competitors? if your answer is yes then try “social media tracker” of Semrush!
  • And so on.

one of the top features in the Semrush is market analysis, you can get important data about your website (actually your performance!) if you have a little technology intelligence you can figure out today data is king! I mean data and knowing what customers want is everything for a business!! Semrush also offers market analysis features include:

  • provide Market Explorer reports include: discover market size and potential, the key players, their online market share and traffic generation strategies! also with SEMrush Growth Quadrant you can establish the positions on the market!
  • provide analyzing your target market customers demand and interests, geo distribution there traffic journey
  • to level up your communication and media strategies!
  • with the help of Semrush we can conduct a comparative analysis of market players’ online performance and trends!

Also in Semrush we are able to use Paid Advertising and Competitor PR Monitoring services to do market research well!


The fourth section of Semrush review is advertising!

Everyone knows the importance of advertisements!! We are surrounded by ads! And according to a study the more people want the more they see! (you can get more information about this study in “Atomic habits” by james clear) this study shows the importance of ads! Semrush is there to help you in advertising your business and growth hacking! Let’s look at some advertising features of Semrush:

  • Semrush provides you with finding related long-tail keywords and builds a paid keyword list for your ppc campaign.
  • Semrush keyword manager; this tool helps us to conduct a deep analysis of up to 1000 keywords at a time! and send your favorite keywords to other Semrush tools!
  • provide the capability of comparing 5 websites of your competitors! and analysis the competitors to find new keywords, spot common paid keywords you and your rivals are ranking for
  • provide everything you need for your PPC campaign like optimizing your PPC campaign, organize keywords at the campaign, set negatives, build a master keyword list and etc.
  • provide interesting feature named CPC map; you can identify trends in your niche by keywords research, actually Semrush helps you to find the most expensive and searched keywords in any state or region for your industry


The fifth section of Semrush review is social media marketing

As a marketer I should tell you their social media marketing section is perfect!! they even do track and analyze your competitor accounts! and the other wonderful tip 6 million marketing professionals have already used Semrush

  • Schedule and track their performance of posts on every famous social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkein, Pinterest and Google My Business within seconds.
  • You are able to see low-performing ads and get recommendations on how to make them better!
  • With the help of Social Media ads tool of Semrush you can also create, lauch, manage and optimize ads on placements within the facebook family

if you want to be successful don’t forget the importance of social medias

Semrush review; SEMrush pricing

Let’s talk about Semrush pricing at the first I should say In Semrush platform we are able to use all toolkits 7 days for free! But this is a trial account and if you want to have all features of Semrush and having their valuable accounts for more than just 7 days, visit this page: “https://www.semrush.com/prices/” or take a look at our following figure to see the terms of service (to get the full information about Semrush pricing go to this page: ” https://www.semrush.com/prices ”  and read all features of each plans!):

you can see three pricing panels of Semrush



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