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Learn forex and start trading; introduction

If you have decided to grow your wealth and make some profit by investment in the forex market this article is for you! In this article we are going to introduce the two best companies to learn how to invest in the forex market (forex market is a market to exchange currencies against one another).

Here is the two companies:

  1. The Forex Trading Coach
  2. The Technical Traders

Investing is a science (of course, it is an art too) not based on chance! If you’re going to be successful in the forex market then be completely ready to learn everything about the market and take risks! Remember that investment without knowledge, experience and risk management is very much risky! Especially investing in the forex market which is known as the biggest market in the world! then try to get help from these two platforms to start investing in the forex market and make a profit by. The forex market can be very profitable if you dive into it with preparation.

learn forex


The forex market requires high knowledge and experience do not enter the forex world without them


Learn forex and start trading; The Forex Trading Coach company

Unlike many companies in the investment field The Forex Trading Coach is not a forex broker, financial advice center or they don’t have signals to buy/sell stocks or currencies! The Forex Trading Coach is an educational platform that provides general information and educational courses. They have professional investors and forex trading coaches which help you be an elite on the forex market. One of the best masters in their team is Andrew Mitchem. He has developed a system which helps you make the highest profit in the Forex market. Andrew Mitchem is a full-time currency trader and forex trading coach which hosts the Forex market training webinars.

In The Forex Trading Coach customers can access to three different educational courses include:

  1. Private 1-on-1 coaching in your home -at your place (just available in the USA/Canada)
  2. The successful trader system -1-On-1 Online Forex Coaching
  3. The successful trader system -online forex course


Teacher of “Private 1-on-1 Coaching In Your Home” and “1-On-1 Online Forex Coaching ” courses is Paul Tillman. If you live in the US or Canada and participate in “private 1-on-1 coaching in your home” course you can have one of the world’s best forex coaches (Paul Tillman) in your own home! for a full day of training and strategic planning. But if you are more comfortable with online courses so take “1-On-1 Online Forex Coaching”.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in these courses (“private 1-on-1 coaching in your home” and “1-On-1 Online Forex Coaching”):

  • Tips about Technical analysis
  • learn candlestick patterns analysis
  • learn how to find support and resistance areas
  • analysis using Fibonacci
  • learn how to managing risk
  • working with Bollinger bands indicator
  • working with the best platforms like meta trader 5
  • and so on …


The teacher of the third amazing course (Online Forex Course) is Andrew Mitchem and this course is for everybody who wants to be a master in the Forex market.

Let’s review some features of Online Forex Course:

  • learn technical analysis
  • learn how to money management
  • having easy to follow training videos
  • provide market analysis and daily trading recommendations
  • include weekly live trading room webinars
  • working with the best platform to trade like meta trader 5
  • include unlimited follow up support and help
  • you can get a real time understanding on how they trade!
  • And so on …

you are able to get more information about these courses and their teachers in The Forex Trading Coach website (in their website you will see dozen reasons why strategies and techniques of Andrew Mitchem are great!!)

Also, in the home page of their website you are able to see “client testimonial videos” which proves that their customers are completely satisfied with their training!

Finally, let’s take a look at some of customers reviews about The Forex Trading Coach in the following figure:


learn forex

Learn forex and start trading; advantages of The Forex Trading Coach

  • provides free weekly training webinars
  • having amazing webinars to learn the forex
  • learn you balance between life and work (profitable forex trader)
  • offer an amazing book about experiences of Andrew Mitchem in the forex market for free; the title of the book is “From Dairy Farmer To TRADER” try to read it because getting experience is so expensive!
  • offer 3 excellent types of courses to participate in


Learn forex and start trading; The Technical Traders company

Let’s continue with a company in which they are so professional in technical analysis and this is a great opportunity to start trading currencies with their help. Actually, technical analysis is a method to predict prices in a market through study of historical price charts and market statistics. And if you want to invest in markets like stock market, forex or any markets with historical trading data the one of the best companies to choose is The Technical Traders. Their experts have so much experience, they use the best trading strategy to protect your money, risk management and find the best stocks in the market. It makes sense to use one of their portfolios to start investing instead of starting investing without experience and high knowledge because as we have told before investment requires experience, knowledge and being intelligent and the forex market is very risky so don’t rush and be prepared to start profitable trades. The technical analysis and their techniques are so important in the forex market.



Main members of the technical trader’s group


Learn forex and start trading; advantages of The Technical Traders

Here are some great features belong to The Technical Traders:

  • Having recognized leader worldwide for technical analysis
  • Great newsletter to guide users with technical analysis for free!
  • Appropriate for a day trader, swing trader and long-term investor
  • Offer three different type of actionable portfolio recommendation
  • Around 75+ years of research and trading experience
  • Offer excellent trading strategy like BAN (Best Asset now), V10 and ADL strategies








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  2. https://theforextradingcoach.com/

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